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6 Results You searched for "tales of symphonia strategy guide pdf" in All Sections: Dawn of the New World BradyGames Strategy Guide[PDF][Wii][Multi]*. Tales of Symphonia at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and including a walkthrough, side-quests section, and information on all of. Download page for Tales Of Symphonia (Disc 1). Tales of Symphonia is a cel- shaded action RPG and is another game in Namco s Tales series. It expands upon.

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This guide has everything you will ever need %) Hi the reason I put http://uk sturunemcoto.tk Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. BradyGames' Tales of Symphonia. Tales Of Symphonia(TM) Official Strategy Guide [Dan Birlew, Phillip Marcus] on sturunemcoto.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BradyGames' Tales of.

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Also talk to Chocolat at the church's entrance. Now, leave the church and enter the building at the right of the church. Examine the weird ball holder at the right of the staircase to find the Wonder Chef. He will show you how to make Omelets and will give you some Rice and Egg. Then, go in the doorway at the right. If you enter the second door in this hall, you can play a mini-game where Colette must be a waitress.

If you do fine during the mini-game, you will get money and Colette will receive the title of Turbo Waitress along with a free Palma Potion. Now head to the second floor. Enter the first room of the corridor to study. Then, enter the second room to start the contest. Genis and Mighty will end up with the same result. Genis will then obtain the title of Honor Roll.

Nothing more to do here, so leave and return to the west part of the town and hand over the Palma potion you got or bought to the lady. You will then find out that they are the imposters, so you'll need to follow them.

Head west to leave the town. Magic Mist Enemies: Continue to follow the path to the House of Salvation. Head inside and you'll see that woman who attacked you earlier. You now know that her name is Sheena. Leave that place and continue in the field. If you go northeast, you'll find the Guide Monument at the end of long part of land. Then, head north to the mountains until you arrive at Hakonesia Peak.

Before going in though, head east and follow the mountainside until you find a chest with Magic Mist. Enter the house on the right. Koton wants you to bring him the Spiritua Statue in order to let you look at the Book of Regeneration, which he bought from the imposters.

You can't get the statue now anyway, so head back to Palmacosta. Head for the east part of town. The Desians are about to hang Cacao. Lloyd and the group decide to save her, so you enter a fight with Whip Master and Evil Sorcerer.

The fight is really easy and shouldn't take more than 10 seconds. After all this, head for the west part of town. Talk to the person standing next to the entrance of Palmacosta and he'll ask you to escort him to Hakonesia Peak. Once there, you'll be asked to save Chocolat, who has been kidnapped by Desians and brought to the Human Ranch. So, head southeast from the House of Salvation to find Palmacosta Ranch behind a mountain. Neil will tell you that Dorr has lead you into a trap.

Choose to head back to Palmacosta since there's nothing you can do here for now.

Tales Of Symphonia (TM) Official Strategy Guide : Dan Birlew :

You can also find the Guide Monument for this part of the map south of the Ranch between some mountains. Sleep at the inn, then go to the Governor's building. It is empty, but the guard blocking the access to the basement is now gone.

So head downstairs to find Dorr and some Desians. It appears they turned his wife into a monster like Marble. His daughter then reveal she's an imposter, and you'll need to fight her. Colette's Angel Wings attack will deal the most damage, so stick with this technique and use Orange Gels to replenish her TP when it's low. Raine and Kratos should be part of the team as healers. Also use Apple Gels when necessary and try to avoid Kilia's major attacks.

It's a pretty long fight, but eventually, you'll defeat her. He also gives you the password to enter: So head back for the Ranch to save Chocolat. Apple Gel Enemies: Then, go up the left path and enter the password Dorr gave you The ranch's door will open so go in. Inside, go left and then go in the northeast room and fight the enemy here for a Memory Gem.

Then, go up the stairs at the right. In the room here, examine the white sphere to change the Sorcerer's Ring's function. It now acts as a radar and lets you see hidden things. Go back downstairs to the previous room and use the radar. You'll see some sparks that are in fact items. Look near the corridor at the left and in the corridor for two sparks and also another one right of the entrance.

Then, head back upstairs. Use the radar again and the warp will become usable. Use it to reach a room with a save point. Enter the door at the left of the save point and one of the captives will give you the Blue Card.

Now go back and enter the door at the right of the save point. In this room, if you use the radar, some blocks will become visible. Pull out the block in the top right corner to get an item, Mage Cloak. Then, push the block at the bottom right corner in the hole so you can pick up another item, Ex Gem Lv 2.

Now, head right and with the radar on, examine the blue pillar and a bridge will appear. Cross it and go downstairs. Colette will find the Red Card. Go back across the bridge and push a second block into the other hole in the bottom right corner of the platform where you pushed the previous block to get the item.

You can now cross to the other side. On this side, use the radar to find 2 items, Omega Shield and White Silver. Then, go to the blue pillar at the right and with the radar on, examine it to get another bridge.

Cross this bridge and fight the enemy here to get the Purple Card. Then, examine the other blue pillar and another bridge will appear. Cross it and put the radar on to find another item, Life Bottle.

Now, deactivate all the bridges before continuing, or you'll miss an item. After deactivating all the bridges, a new spiral bridge will appear in the center of the room. You'll need it later. Return to the room with the save point and use the Cards you got on the warp to activate it. Go in and you'll appear in a room with 4 paths and a warp in the center. Use your radar to find the yellow warps, and don't enter the red ones.

Do this until you find the green warp which will take you to the room with the spiral bridge. Go up and use the radar to get Panacea Bottle. Then, go back to the room with the warps. Go back until you find the red warp and go in. Continue to go in the yellow warps then until you are in a room with 2 red warps. If you choose to go in the right one, you'll get some more items, but the real warp is the left one.

You'll arrive in the room where Chocolat is hold captive.

Tales of Symphonia – Guides and FAQs

Free her, then follow her to the Control Room where Magnius is. After learning that Lloyd killed her grandmother Marble, Chocolat will let the guards capture her.

They will then take her away and you'll get a Pass.

Then, you'll have to face Magnius. Now, leave the ranch and return on the field. Now all is left to do is to bring the Spiritua Statue to that old lag at Hakonesia Peak, so head for the House of Salvation.

Talk with the grand priest. He will accept to give you the Spiritua Statue, but then the other priest tells them that it's only a replica, he lost the real on during a pilgrimage at Thoda geyser.

So, I guess we have no other choice but to go retrieve it back there. Head southeast from Palmacosta Ranch to find Thoda Dock. Mermaid's Tear Enemies: You'll reach Thoda Geyser. Once there, go on the rocky mound at the right and look at the blue stone tablet.

A bridge will appear to a cave in the mountainside. Inside the cave, go straight, then downstairs for a chest containing Mermaid's Tear. Head downstairs again, and go right for two more chests with Life Bottle and Circlet. If you examine the blue sphere here, you can change the Sorcerer's Ring's attribute to water, but don't change it yet. Keep the fire attribute. Now there are 2 paths to choose from at the bottom of the screen. Go through the first one the left one. In this room, go down for a faded Memory Circle.

Use the Memory Gem you found in Palmacosta Ranch to unlock it and save your game. Between the two columns at the right of the save point is a hidden passageway in the wall.

Find it and go through to find two chests containing White Silver and Orange Gel. Also look behind the first column for a hidden chest with Ex Gem Lv 1. Now, go at the left in the room with the save point. There is a scale with a pot on it, and on each side, torches.

Light up the 2 torches using the Sorcerer's Ring's fire beam. Then, go back to the previous room and go through the second path the right one at the bottom of the screen.

Go downstairs in this room for 2 chests containing Stun Bracelet and Circlet. Also fight the enemy here for a Memory Gem.

Then, head downstairs and go left all the way to the next room. Here, pull the big block and push it on the green square near the door. You'll hear a click sound. Now, go back to the room before the one with the save point and use the blue sphere to switch the Sorcerer's Ring's attribute to water. Now enter the room with the save point and shoot a beam of water on the pot that's on the scale. The door in the room below will shut up but stay open thanks to the block you moved under it.

So, head for the room below, the one with the other scale. Shoot some water in the pot here too, and a platform will raise. Go back to the save point and save your game. When you're ready, head left to the platform which just raised and enter the warp. The water seal is here, and the boss too.

I suggest having Lloyd, Colette no choice , Kratos and Genis in your party. You don't really need Raine. Having Genis in your party is important because he has this very powerful earth spell that will do around damage to the enemy each time.

Kratos will be the main healer, along will Colette who can use items. Lloyd will be the main attacker. Take down the 2 small enemies first, then start attacking the boss. It should be ok as long as you have Genis attacking with the Stalagmite technique. After the fight, Ramiel will give Colette new angel powers. Then, leave the dungeon and you'll see the Spiritua Statue over some rocks on the other side of the water.

Genis will freeze the water so you can cross, simply follow his directions. After getting the statue, Colette will feel bad again, so you'll set a campfire. In the morning, leave the geyser and return to Hakonesia Peak. Take the Spiritua Statue back to the old man and he'll let you have a look at the Book of Regeneration. You now know that the next seal is located at Asgard. You now have a Pass for the Peak gotten in the human ranch so head for the peak and the guards will let you through.

Then, head southwest to Asgard. The city is located between some mountains. Here you can download a lot of new weapons for your party members. When you are done with the shopping, head for the big stairway north of the town. Climb it up to end up at the city ruin. There will be a cutscene where guys try to blow up the ruin, but Raine will stop them kind of. After the cutscene, head for the east part of the town and head upstairs. Enter the house at the right of the stairs. You'll learn that Aisha has been chosen to be the sacrifice for the demon.

Head back up the stairs to the ruin and you'll meet the mayor. Raine will choose to take Aisha's place as the sacrifice. Have Genis attack with the Stalagmite technique and have Kratos and Raine heal the party. Lloyd can use airborne techniques. Don't use any wind spell though, as the boss is the wind element. Use as much items as you need, and you may even need to use some Life Bottles as well.

After the fight, you'll need to find Raine. You'll find her at Aisha's house. After the discussion, Raine will re-join the party and you'll get the Map of Balacruf. Leave the house and re enter it. Head upstairs to the second floor and look at the recorder next to the bed to find the Wonder Chef, who'll show you how to make Meat Stew.

Then, leave Asgard and enter the field. Strike Ring Enemies: Continue in direction of the mountains to find Balacruf. Before entering though, get the chest at the left of the mountains for Strike Ring. Go down the path at the left as you enter to find a chest containing Gald. Then climb upstairs to the entrance and Colette will open the door. Inside the dungeon, go right for a chest with Beast Fang. Then, unlock the Memory Circle using the Memory Gem you got at the geyser and save your game.

The layout of the dungeon makes you think you have to light up all the torches inside, but it won't be necessary if you follow my directions. Head left, run over the spikes, and go up the stairs. Kill the enemy there for a Memory Gem.

Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide

At the top, there are 2 torches the second one is at the right of the wall You can light them up with the Sorcerer's Ring if you wish. Then, push the block at the edge of the platform to make it fall down below. Go there and push the block onto the square on the ground to stop the wind. Now you can light up the torch that's at the right of the entrance. Now, go through the passageway with spikes on the walls. Then go up the stairs at the left and go all the way to a door with torches each side of it.

Before going in there, head downstairs at the right and push the block there on the square to stop the wind. Also light the torch here. Return to the door and light up the 2 torches. Before going in though, head downstairs again and change the attribute of the Sorcerer's Ring to wind using the sphere in the alcove at the left.

Then go through the door to a room with 5 small fans. You have to activate them in the right order to open the door using the Sorcerer's Ring's wind blow. There are also some hidden chests to get in that room. Here are the orders you have to hit the fans to get the chests and to open the door: When you're ready, enter the room and be ready to face the dungeon boss. Have Colette, Genis, Kratos and Lloyd in your party. Genis uses his Stalagmite technique, Lloyd attacks, Kratos heals, Colette uses items and attack.

After the fight, leave the dungeon but Sheena will stop you, resulting in another boss fight. Simply defeat the guardian first, then Sheena. Now leave the dungeon and Colette will feel bad again, and the group will set a campfire again. There will be a cutscene with Lloyd and Colette. After that, head for the field. Also known as the city of devastation. Go northwest of the village to find injured Sheena. Raine will heal her, then Sheena will join your party.

Head back for the field. Now, you'll have to go the Human Ranch, northeast of Luin, over some mountains. After this, Sheena and Raine will disguise themselves into Desian soldiers and infiltrate the ranch with the others as prisoners.

Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough

Go right to find a chest with Beast Hide. Enter the base through the northern door. Go on to the next room and you'll see Botta. Then, Kvar will come too. In the next room, open the chest for a White Robe. Follow the pathway to the save point, then go left at the fork for another chest containing Iron Bracelet. If you fight the enemy here, you'll get a Memory Gem. Then head up and Kvar will show up again. After the cutscene, leave the ranch and enter the field.

Go back to Luin. Technical Ring Enemies: Cross the bridge there and head right after crossing the bridge kind of northeast to find a chest at the land's edge with Technical Ring.

Now, follow the dirt path from the bridge until you arrive at a path leading to the mountains. This is Hima. Enter the inn and talk to the lady standing in the stairway to learn the man you are looking for passed away.

Then, enter the door at the right and examine the cauldron or whatever to find the Wonder Chef who'll teach you how to make Risotto. Then, head up the mountain to the graveyard. You'll learn that you can access the ranch from a passage hidden behind a boulder. You'll also receive the Desian Ore. Now, head for the very top of the mountain to learn about the dragon tour. Then, go back to the field and return to the Human Ranch. Cleric's Hat Enemies: Then, you'll be ask to choose two party members to come along with you.

I suggest picking Kratos and Sheena as Lloyd's party will be the one fighting the boss. You can use the refresher downstairs and the save point. Enter the door at the upper left corner of the room. Also examine the machine at the left and shut it down. Return to the previous room. Enter the door at the left of the save point. There, head left and examine the white sphere to change the Sorcerer's Ring's function. You can now fire a blast that has a longer reach.

What you must do in this room is stop the conveyer belts. There are 6 control switches in the center of the room and you must shut down them in order to stop the conveyer belts. So, step on the 2 conveyers each side of the control switches and fire a blast using the Sorcerer's Ring. Hit the 6 switches and the conveyers will stop working. Now head for the top of the room and go up the stopped conveyer.

You'll find a chest with Ex Gem Lv 2. Enter the next room. There is a save point here, but it's not really worth wasting a Memory Gem on it as there is a save point in the previous room. Now head for the warp and you'll switch to Raine's team.

Go through the door at the bottom right corner of the room and head south. You'll end up outside of the ranch. Look at the right for a passage leading to a door blocked by some blocks. Push the first block right, then go behind it and push it back left. Pull down the next block, then push it to the left. Do the same with the remaining block to access the door. Enter the ranch.

Go left, then north for a chest with Card of Earth. Examine the blue button on the floor and a door will open elsewhere. Enter the room on your left to free the prisoners.

Then, head left again and leave through the door there. There'll be another chest here with Stun Charm. Examine the blue button here too to open another door. Head back inside the room where the prisoners were and leave through the middle door this time. Head for the 2 rooms that are now accessible since you activated the buttons. You'll have to fight Raybits, then the deactivation will be complete and you'll return to Lloyd's team. If you want to save before the boss fight, head back to the previous room and save.

Then, go into the warp to access the boss room. I used about 10 Life Bottles and various healing items. My best bet for this fight it Lloyd, Kratos and Sheena, since you can't have Raine in the party, and Genis and Colette are a bit weak on the defense side.

My only advice for this fight is bring a lot of Life Bottles or always keep the party at max HP. You'll now be in Asgard. Save your game and head for the ruin at the top of the city. The imposters are there. After the discussion, leave Asgard and return in the field.

Head back to Hima. Simply head for the inn and you'll receive the Tower Key, which can open the door to the Tower of Mana, our next destination. Ex Gem Lv 2 Enemies: Then, head for the Tower of Mana, north of Luin.

Also get the chest at the right of the Tower northeast for an Ex Gem Lv 2. Armet Helm Enemies: You'll have to choose a party member to come along with you. Choose Kratos as he can heal, since the other team will have Raine anyway.

You'll be on a long stairway. Defeat the second enemy for a Memory Gem. Head atop the stairs for a chest containing Armet Helm. Enter the door at the top. You'll be in a room with a block.

Stand in front of the door with the red cloth and burn it using the Sorcerer's Ring. A ray of light will come out. So, move the block in front of the light to duplicate it.

Then, pull the block down until the light hit the sphere at the right. The door on the left will open, go through. In the next room, use the Memory Gem on the Memory Circle and save your game. Then, check up the thingy on the other side and you'll switch to Raine's team. Burn the red cloth at the left so a ray of light will come out. Move the block towards it.

Then, move the left to open the door. Go through. Go at the left of the entrance and burn the red cloth so a light comes out. This puzzle is really hard to explain so I'll try my best. There are 4 blocks in this room, and 3 spheres. The blocks are kind of transparent, but have a blue corner, each different. The block with the bottom right corner blue will be block 1.

The block with the top right corner blue will be block 2. The block with the top left corner blue will be block 3. The block with the blue triangle will be block 4. The represents the spheres. The [ ] represents the blocks.

After this puzzle, save your game at the save point and enter the next room. There is a chest containing Stinger Ring. Then enter the room at the right and leave through the south door.

Then run up the stairway and enter the door at the top. Go through the door at the left. Then, cross the bridge of light at the left and you'll switch to Lloyd. Save your game, then cross to the left and rejoin Raine.

Step in the warp. Keep your HP high, use your best techniques After the fight, Luna will ask you to find Aska. Colette will also learn Sacrifice. Now, head for the first room of the tower. Look at the library at the left to find Boltzman's Book. You'll need a unicorn horn to use it though. Head to the field and go to Lake Umacy over some mountains near Luin.

You will learn that the unicorn is blocked at the bottom of the lake and that you need Undine in order to save it. Undine is at the Seal of Water, so return to the Thoda Geyser. Crossing to the geyser will be free. Enter the dungeon and head for the room where you fought the boss. Undine will demand a fight before joining you.

Undine has an attack, Spray Attack, that will do a lot of damage. When you see her casting it, don't stay close to her as it's pretty easy to avoid if you're far. I suggest Lloyd, Kratos, Raine and Sheena for this fight. You'll surely need some healing items and Life Bottles so make sure you brought some. After the battle, you'll get Aquamarine.

Leave Thoda Island and cross back Hakonesia Peak. Head back to Lake Umacy, near Luin. Sheena will summon Udine to save the unicorn and you'll receive the Unicorn Horn.

Raine will also learn Resurrection and obtain the title Grand Healer. He succeeds but Mithos survives his apparent death and possesses a member from the party before fleeing to the comet Derris-Kharlan. Mithos attempts to take the Great Seed with him but is foiled and killed by Lloyd. Originally, Zelos' death was supposed to be canon.

His survival would have been dependent on the affection system: He would die early on if he was ranked the lowest in the affection system, would die at the end if he ranked in the middle, and would only survive if he ranked the top. However, the development staff suggested to have Kratos Aurion return to the party and the team discussed how it would work. The change in scenario had Miyajima rework Zelos' death into a non-canon path of the story.

Comics[ edit ] Tales of Symphonia spawned seven manga adaptations after its release: six anthology collections and a traditional manga series. The first anthology collection, Tales of Symphonia Comic Anthology [kanji 1] , consists of five volumes which were released between November 25, and February 25, by Ichijinsha. It consists of five volumes released between November 25, and December 25, by Ichijinsha. It consisted of two volumes which were released by Square Enix on May 27, and September 16, Six volumes were released: the first was released on August 10, and the last two were released on July 10, The first novel series is titled Tales of Symphonia and is written by Kiyoshi Yuki.

It consists of four volumes released between December 20, and June 19, by Enterbrain. I never suggested that I could but little papers and he was putting the from faint touches of panic.

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