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    Recommended Books for IAS Prep (site links on pics). #1. Medieval India – Satish Chandra (NCERT | Class 11) · Modern India – Bipan Chandra Text book (History) Theme- I (NCERT +2) · Text book (History) Theme- II (NCERT +2) . Download Free, Old NCERT books for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 PDF. Class 12 – Modern Indian History by Bipin Chandra, PDF Download. NCERT Modern Indian History notes for UPSC ; NCERT notes as per UPSC Refer this list Of NCERT books for IAS Preparation for subject and class wise.

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    Modern History Ncert Book

    History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra is a journey mapping the path of . Ncert books are available in english only if I start my preparation in english as a. (Download) NCERT Book For Class VIII: Modern Indian History (Part I). Table of Content. How, When and Where; From Trade to Territory The Company. It is essential to read old NCERT books for History as new edition is not as much [NCERT] Modern India (Bipan Chandra) <– Recommended.

    Which we have given you three parts. Please read by downloading them. And all the information we have given related to this book. Which you read easily as to which chapters are inside this book. And how important are the chapters? What will happen from that you will know which chapter we are to read? Spectrum History Pdf In Hindi Sources and approaches of modern India Europeans arrive in India Status of India during the British conquest British expansion and purification Development of press in india education development in India Brief comment on some aspects of British rule Indian princely states British Geo Revenue Policy in India Trade union movement in India Nationalist foreign policy development In the independence of India till AD Important Facts: At a Glance The beginning of freedom struggle National movement from to National movement to AD The war of Indian nationalism National movement: to towards independence and division Administrative change after British rule influence on Indian economy Early revolts against British rule Religious and social reform movement Friends, if you want to strengthen your Modern History then download Spectrum Modern History pdf it is absolutely free and read it again and again. You will be successful in the exam.

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    Please upvote. Follow us : Latest posts. This book is being extensively used by the IAS aspirants in their preparation for Ancient and Medieval segment of History.

    NCERT old edition both india and world are re printed by orient blackswan Old ncert books online order. Free Shipping. These books should be mugged by every candidate.

    List Price : Tamil Nadu History Textbook 11th Standard. Cheap textbooks can save college students a lot of money every semester.

    5 Books to Study History for IAS Prelims Exam

    Class History. December 17, By Swamy Vivekananda 6 Comments. Sharma; NEW!

    Sharma also assesses the transition periods from Ancient to Medieval and the changes that occurred as a result. A recommended read for not just Prelims but also Mains culture part. From the page summary we know that:. History of Medieval India studies this interesting period in Indian history when the land underwent drastic changes, deeply influenced by the invading armies, Religious Movements and the vicissitudes of the changing political, economic and Cultural scene.

    These books are timely replacements for the NCERT books that are no longer in circulation and the best part is, they are written by the same authors who authored the old syllabus NCERTs. This book is also out of circulation. It covers the rise of nationalism, decline of indian capitalism, Gandhian era, Congress movement etc.

    Struggle for Independence is a must read book for Prelims as well as Mains exam.

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    Does these books have their Hindi version too, if not please suggest some which are equivalent to these. Unfortunately there are no Hindi versions of these books. Will post alternatives when I find them.

    Hello sir, for Ancient and medieval you mentioned alternative books here but forgot to mention modern history. Now currently available only New book plz suggest any alternative for that or will i read new book or if you have old book in pdf ,plz send to me.

    Satish Chandra seems to have three different books on Medieval India. One seems to be standalone and two others are a part of a series.

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    Here is the link: Dear sir i m a hindi medium aspirant for ias. What i do. Hi Sir.. Thanks for your post.