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Tuesday, 14 June Civil Services Times Magazine. E-mail Print PDF. cst-airforce India witnessed a massive terrorist attack on one of its premier. - download Civil Services Times Magazine book online at best prices in India on Read Civil Services Times Magazine book reviews & author . J. Abdul Kalam, the Civil Service India is putting up . Services (IAS) is slated to be held on August several times the speed of sound, and rockets for.

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Civil Services Times Magazine Pdf

The Civil Services Times is a News Magazine registered under the Registrar of Newspapers for India under Government of India. Civil Services Times, New Delhi. likes. The Civil Services Times is a newsmagazine registered under the Registrar of Newspapers for India under. Name, Civil Services Times January Magazine - English Medium. Binding, Paperback. Issue, Jan Publisher, Civil Services Times.

The Indian government should reshape recruitment and promotion processes, improve performance-based assessment of individual officers, and adopt safeguards that promote accountability while protecting bureaucrats from political meddling. Institutional quality is a crucial driver of economic performance. According to the study, India's inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy was responsible for most of the complaints that business executive have about the country. But the process to determine who needs to be prematurely retired should be fair and transparent. There is a possibility that even good officers may be targeted because of political reasons,". The situation has become terrible. The other day an officer in Delhi was arrested for disproportionate assets of Rs. She is just a batch IAS officer with 11 years of service. But at the same time, the officers' service records should be analysed before a decision against him was taken". The court asked senior bureaucrats to write down the oral instructions from politicians so that a record would be kept of all the decisions. This judgement was seen on the similar lines of the Supreme Court's judgement in Prakash Singh case on police reforms.

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Civil Services Times Magazine

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Andhra Pradesh In The News. Customer Service. Even if you only have a vague idea, write those generic points.

Free Mock Test

So I just wrote a generic answer comprising of problems such as ethnic strife, insurgency, and economic collapse. The examiner checking my copy might have given marks for it, which I am sure any aspirant would gladly take.

In the second reading, this highlighted portion is what you need to revise. In GS papers, map of India is your most effective tool for illustration. Practise it enough so that you are able to draw and label it under 60 seconds. If you are taking a test series, please give those tests with all the seriousness of the final UPSC exam. In the mock test, if you take additional minutes to finish the paper, you are cheating no one except yourself. Observe strict time limits.

Civil Services Chronicle Magazines: Best Magazine for IAS Preparation, UPSC IAS Exam Magazines

You will never feel content with your Mains preparation and there is always a nagging tendency to just keep reading and procrastinate writing answers or skip an upcoming test. You have to overcome this reluctance through conscious effort. Perfectionism is your enemy. Getting a good score in Mains is about attempting all questions to which some answers are excellent, some good and many above average.

So instead of waiting for that elusive perfection, start imperfect and then keep improving. Just because I am AIR-1, it does not mean that my notes are the best or that this book list is the last word. To succeed in this exam, the source of material is not important.

So I suggest beginners read this section after they get acquainted with other GS topics. In Art and Culture, questions asked by UPSC in recent years are more analytical— which requires both the factual content and good analysis to answer the why and how. You can answer such questions well only when you understand the historical background in which such art was produced.

They will form the analysis part and will help you write great answers. Make good use of the internet to watch both visual and performing arts to understand how they actually look in real life.

(Magazine Hard Copy) World Focus (Hindi), Civil Services Times & Civil Services Chronicle

You will be able to recollect such visuals more easily. They will help you write a decent answer for questions which you only have a vague idea about.

Wherever relevant, draw diagrams to illustrate your answers. For instance, you can draw a rough sketch to show the features of a Stupa, Dravida, and Nagara style architecture, Paleolithic art, Folk arts such as Warli, Harappan pottery etc. For example, in Warli art, human bodies are represented by triangles, heads by circles and hands by simple lines.

Just get these basics right. Link to download diagrams is given at the end of the article. If you had done your prelims preparation for this topic well, that is good enough.

You just need to practise answer writing.

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